July 2015 - Homefair Online Estate Agents


July 2015

House Hunting Tips

Looking for the perfect property can be overwhelming; you will need to look at different types of homes in different locations and at different price ranges and conditions. To make the house hunting process easier, you can get yourself a…

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All About Property Registration

So you’ve found the property you want to purchase, put in an Offer of Purchase and obtained financing from the bank. What’s next? Registering the property in your name. Although it can be lengthy, the registration process is essential and…

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What Is An Offer To Purchase?

Whether you are selling property or buying it, the offer to purchase is the first step of the transaction. It serves as an agreement between Buyer and Seller, outlining the conditions under which the property will be sold. Let’s look…

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Home Loan Advice

You’ve found your dream home … but before you rush to the bank to apply for a home loan, there are some things to think about. First and foremost, you do realise that buying a house is a financial commitment…

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