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August 2015

Invest In A Student Apartment

Today’s students are our business and social leaders of tomorrow, so student power is a major driving force for the future success of South Africa. The numbers of students in South Africa is increasing year upon year, and the excellent…

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Urban Living Is Tops

South Africa, as we all know, is a country that’s going places, and its ascent on the world stage is fuelled by a growing population, and a population that’s increasingly youthful. The millennial generation are having a huge impact on…

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Weeding Out Alien Plants From Your Garden

If you have a plant species that is growing rapidly in your garden, it may be an invader plant! Invader plants are not native to South Africa. They are weeds introduced to local vegetation and can overrun and choke other…

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Show House Safety Tips

Selling property? Hosting a show house is an excellent way of attracting buyers. It is a great opportunity to show off your property and even secure a deal. Unfortunately, show houses can also attract unwanted attention from criminals. Here are…

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Can You Buy A House Online?

Today, technology has crept into every space. People are using mobile devices and PC’s not just to communicate and stay in touch with people they know; but also to conduct business and shop for various products and services via the…

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