September 2015 - Homefair Online Estate Agents


September 2015

Win With No Transfer Duty

It is sensible to become informed regarding the current legislation involving transfer duties. At Homefair, our recommendation is that you contact a professional property finance consultant when deciding to buy property. Transfer Duty Threshold The Ministry of Finance announced that…

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Buy-To-Let Property Management

Buy-to-let properties are becoming increasingly popular in South Africa and it’s easy to understand why. These provide the owner with an investment that has long term security: going on current trends the house price is likely to be considerably higher…

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Home Loan Advice: 3 Top Tips

Every cloud has a silver lining and one good thing to come out of the recession is that property has become more affordable. As a result, more and more people are queuing at the bank to apply for home loans.…

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Great Load Shedding Tips

While load shedding can be a very annoying inconvenience, it should also be a wakeup call for homeowners to get serious about how they use power to avoid strain on the already limited resources. Reducing your power demand not only…

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5 Home Safety Tips

Home is where the heart is, but peace-of-mind only comes when your home is safe and secure. When it comes to protecting your investments, it is common knowledge that it is better to be safe than sorry. Here are five…

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7 Worst Home Buying Mistakes

Buying a house is possibly up there as one of the most important decisions you will make. But many people plunge headlong into it without proper planning. By a strange twist of fate most people tend to make the same…

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