How It Works

How It Works

How It Works

1.  You list your property with us.

No sole mandate contracts, or big agency fee’s. We assist you with your property valuation.

We provide you with a full valuation of your home to determine the ideal selling price. You provide us with photographs and fill in our online property description form. Professional photographs can be taken for a fee of R650 if you so choose.

2. Your Home is listed online with all the major internet portals.

Your listing goes on all of the major internet property portals like, property24 and others.

3. Schedule Viewings

The contacts received form the online portals are screened. Our specialist team will then schedule buyers to view your house. You handle the viewing. We still do all of the time arrangements and phone calls.

We believe you are still the best person to show the prospective buyer your house. You are the best person to answer any questions relating to your property and the local area.

4.  Receive Offers

Offers are received to purchase your property from the pre-qualified buyers. We handle the negotiations between you and the buyer to ensure that you get the best price.

5. Sale is handled to completion.

We support you through the process to complete the sale just like a traditional estate agent would. We make sure that you are always kept informed, every step of the way! Our team is available 7 days a week via phone,email or online chat to help with the progress of the sale. We have in-house bond originators and attorneys to make sure that the sales process is handled in an efficient and timely manner.