6 Tips To Sell Your Property Fast


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6 Tips To Sell Your Property Fast

sellmyhousefastMany people get very frustrated when they try to sell their properties.  While there may be plenty of viewers and a lot of interest, there are just no viable offers, and the process can drag on for a long time.  Fortunately there are certain things one can do to sell your property fast.

  1.  Increase curb appeal:  The exterior view creates the first impression, and as the adage says, you only get one chance to make a good impression.  Even if you think your property looks good from the outside, take the time to walk away from the property and to view it through the eyes of a buyer.  It may also help to ask friends or agents to make recommendations about how the look of the property can be improved.  Ensure the garden is tidy and properly landscaped, and clean the driveway.  Repaint gutters, clean patios and ensure patio furniture is clean.  Ensure that the exterior walls are also clean.  All of these help to increase the curb appeal and will make a better first impression that will be more likely to lead to a sale.
  2.  Make small upgrades:  Remember that remodelling and entire kitchen or bathroom will probably not bring you a good return on investment, and it is therefore better to stick to small upgrades such as replacing a kitchen sink, repainting the bathroom or updating certain fixtures and fittings.  If the kitchen or bathroom needs a major overall, it is better to give discount for this rather than taking on the expense yourself.  Chances are also that if you do it yourself, it may not be to the taste of the potential buyer!
  3.  De-personalise:  Studies show that potential buyers respond better to an environment that is not overly personal.  During show times, remove family photos, quirky collectables and other clutter, and keep surfaces as clean and tidy as possible.  Repaint loud colours into off-white or neutral tones and keep the interior immaculate.
  4.  Get high quality photos:  Often the photos that estate agents or home owners take don’t represent the property in the best way.  Get a professional photographer or a friend with good photography skills to take high quality photos in good light, and have the agent post these online.  This will increase the appeal of the home significantly for buyer searching online.
  5.  Ensure the price is right:  It is common for people to overestimate the value of their properties.  If it is priced competitively, it will help you sell your property fast.  Get a valuation expert that is familiar with the area to recommend a realistic sales price.
  6.  Get the timing right:  Studies show that the best time to sell a family home is in spring.  This gives the buyer enough time to arrange finance and for the deal to go through before the summer holidays, which are a good time to move.

Following these tips will certainly give you an advantage over local competition, and it will help you to sell your property fast!

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