Staging Your Property For A Show House


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Staging Your Property For A Show House

It is likely that more buyers will see your home up for sale on an Internet site than in a newspaper or when driving by. Those Internet shoppers will want to see as many pictures of your home as possible. You’ll want your house to be the one a prospective buyer makes an appointment to view. Consider a professional house stager to bring out the best in your home.

Staging Your Home

You will find that hiring a professional home stager is well worth the cost. The job of a home stager is to present your home from the best perspective of the buyer. Right now, it is your home.

1. It has your family pictures on the wall.
2. The children’s artwork decorates the refrigerator.
3. Your comfortable chair may not look appealing to others.
4. You have squeezed the furniture in to make it fit.
5. The sagging bookcase loaded with your favorite books is your treasure and only viewed as such by you.

When a buyer sees your house, he sees you and your home. You want the buyer to be able to imagine and imprint his own belongings on the house. For that, he needs a clean slate.

A House Stager Makes Your House Neutral Ground

Only 10% of buyers can visualise their furnishings in a new home. The house stager arranges your house to help with the other 90% of buyers. He or she will recommend needed changes such as:

• Remove all clutter from view.
• Clear the walls of personal photographs.
• Move excess furniture or large pieces to create a spacious look.
• Give the walls a fresh coat of neutral coloured paint.
• Put a shine on any chrome or stainless steel.
• Repair unsightly places inside and out.
• Hang fresh curtains in a light neutral colour.
• Trim the garden and add a focal point for interest.

Buyers are looking for a house in “move-in” condition. Generally, those houses sell more quickly and at a higher price. A house stager will show you how to achieve this objective economically.

Focus on the Best Features

A house stager knows how to put the focus on the best features in your home.

• He or she may choose plants to highlight a sunny sitting area.
• They may hang a restful painting to draw the eye to a large wall.
• Small bright textured pillows could replace furniture throws for uncluttered colour.
• Add a pretty lamp to light up a dark corner.
• Remove area rugs so beautiful floors will be visible and rooms will look bigger.
• A mirror can make a small area look bigger and lighter.

The Photo Shoot

Now your house, staged to look its best, is ready for the photo shoot. The house stager will work with your estate agent to create internet photos that will draw the eye to the best features of your home. You want buyers to see the rooms and get a feel for size, condition and furniture placement. A house stager can make that happen.

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