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Holiday Security Tips For An Empty House

The festive season is fast approaching and for many South Africans this means holiday trips and travels. Certainly we all look forward to a well-deserved getaway from the daily grind but while you’re focused on planning your holiday don’t forget…

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Great Load Shedding Tips

While load shedding can be a very annoying inconvenience, it should also be a wakeup call for homeowners to get serious about how they use power to avoid strain on the already limited resources. Reducing your power demand not only…

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5 Home Safety Tips

Home is where the heart is, but peace-of-mind only comes when your home is safe and secure. When it comes to protecting your investments, it is common knowledge that it is better to be safe than sorry. Here are five…

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Weeding Out Alien Plants From Your Garden

If you have a plant species that is growing rapidly in your garden, it may be an invader plant! Invader plants are not native to South Africa. They are weeds introduced to local vegetation and can overrun and choke other…

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5 Reasons to Cover Your Pool

It takes a lot of time, effort and diligence to keep your pool clean and well-maintained. All that effort and money is spent so that you are able to enjoy the pristine, cool water after a hard day’s work. However,…

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