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Inspect The House Before Buying

Buying a house is an exciting event and the excitement can lead to a few oversights such as forgetting the part where you need to inspect it to make sure everything’s perfect! Most people are satisfied with a simple glance…

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Country Living With City Perks

Whether you’re concerned about the quality of your life in the cities or the kind of access you have to wide-open spaces, the one thing people are constantly looking for is an upgrade to your way of life. Estates on…

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Bond Originator VS The Bank

More than half of all bonds in South Africa are processed by bond originators. Why has the traditional approach of going directly to the banks taken a back seat? Here are 3 good reasons that make going the bond originator…

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Renting Vs Buying A Property

An age-old debate topic that never seems to have clear outcome is, do you rent a property or do you just buy it outright? There are many arguments for and against the quandary. However, the one thing that matters is…

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